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List Of 2017′s Top 10 Rifle Scopes For The AR-15 Rifle By Barska

This summer’s shooting season is fast aproching and we have the full list of the best AR 15 scopes for your AR-15 rifle. Our gear experts have reviewed the most popular AR15 scopes by Barska and have put together a detailed list of the top 10 scopes for the AR-15 rifle. AR15 Scope’s gear experts take into consideration long distance scopes but mainly focus on mid-range and quick targeting scopes. Barska scopes, a manufacture of advanced rifle scope optics has a large line of scopes developed for the AR-15 rifle and we stock a wide selection of Barska AR 15 scopes. Below Is this years selection of the most popular rifle scopes for the AR-15 rifle as selected by our clients and gear experts.

Top 10 AR-15 Scopes by Barska

  1. AR Sniper Scope - 3-9×42 IR compact scope with black, red, green mil-dot reticle and external lockable adjustments. For more information visit AR Sniper Scopes
  2. AR15 Tactical Combo - 4×30 IR multi-rail electro sight with black, red, green mil-dot reticle includes green Laser sight and flashlight. For more information visit AR15 Tactical Combos
  3. Point Black .223 BDC - 3-12×40 IR Point Black AR scope with .223 BDC / nato 5.56 BDC rifle scope by Barska. For more information visit .223 BDC Scopes
  4. AR SWAT Scope - 6-24×44 IR SWAT scope with red illuminated mil-dot reticle, side parallax and lockable turrets. For more information visit AR SWAT Scopes
  5. AR15 Electro Sight - 1-3×30 IR electro sight with multi-rail system features 1x to 3x zoom magnification for law enforcement requirements. For more information visit AR15 Electro Sight
  6. AR15 Red Dot Scope – Quick targeting Micro compact scope features a 5 MOA red and green dot. For more information visit AR15 Red Dot Scope
  7. AR15 2X Red Dot Sight – 1x multi-Rail sight with an attachable 2x objective lens magnifier with unlimited eye-relief. For more information visit AR15 2X Red Dot Sight
  8. AR Tactical Sight – AR-15 1×30 illuminated red cross military sight for quick targeting and close quarters shooting. For more information visit AR Tactical Sights
  9. Next-Gen Sniper Scope – 4-16x 50 IR Next Generation AR sniper scope with red and green mil-dot reticle. For more information visit Next-Gen Sniper Scopes
  10. Multi-Reticle Sight – Red & Green illuminated multi reticle sight features four different reticle patterns. For more information visit Multi-Reticle Sights

Buying AR-15 Scopes By Barska

All AR-15 scopes have been field tested by our professional gear experts to perform flawlessly under demanding shooting conditions. When selecting AR 15 scopes for your rifle consider purchasing one of the above scopes from our secure web outlet. If your still not sure what AR 15 scopes are right for your rifle call us and talk to a rifle scope professional. Currently our large selection of AR scopes are on sale up to 50% with free shipping. For exclusive deals follow us on Facebook at at AR15scopes.

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