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Aus Vio Silk Throw

Aus Vio luxury silk throw blankets are made with the finest mulberry silk available, and are designed to provide exceptional comfort all year long. The natural breathability of the mulberry silk blankets allow warmth to be retained during the cold winter months, and offers a cool soothing temperature during the warm summer months. Aus Vio silk throw blankets are made with long strand mulberry silk fibers, which allows the blanket to be lighter in weight without sacrificing any of its warming or cooling abilities. This silk throw blanket is also adorned with 4" tassels on one side.

The high quality mulberry silk that is used in the Aus Vio silk throw blanket contains a naturally occurring protein and 18 amino acids that help rejuvenate your hair and skin while you sleep. Mulberry silk also helps your body reabsorb moisture while sleeping, which helps keep your skin soft and healthy. Aus Vio silk will ensure that exceptional comfort is provided, as well as durability and a luxurious look for your bedroom.

  • Beauty benefits for skin and hair
  • Natural heat regulator
  • 100% Silk
  • Fine silk border
  • Hypoallergenic